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A weak wifi signal when you’re trying to work, or poor TV reception when you want to relax can be frustrating.

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At The Conduction Company we pride ourselves on completing jobs to the highest standard.
We back our workmanship with a guarantee for life.

Relax and connect with tailor-made data, phone and audiovisual solutions to fit any budget

Don't put up with slow data and dodgy TV reception.

We have specialist knowledge in data & AV and can help with any problem. We can get you connected in style with network and AV solutions for residential, commercial and industrial premises.

Registered and Licensed Electricians – EWRB (electrical workers registered board)

Dynamix Certified Structured Cabling Installers

Approved Refrigerant Fillers (RLNZ)

Qualified Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Accredited Ventilation Installers

Certified Air-Conditioning Installers & Service people

Registered and Licensed Electrical Inspectors – EWRB (electrical workers registered board)

Site Safe Certified

Master Electricians

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