The Conduction Team

Auckland’s Highest-Rated Electricians

We know it’s important that you can trust the electrician coming onto your property to carry out work that makes your space what you dream of. We get a kick out of doing a job really well, and hearing that we’ve exceeded our clients’ expectation.

This is why, as registered and licensed electricians, between us we’ve got 20 years of experience completing quality work for our clients.

Our goal is to help you become a trusting and happy client who comes back for repeat work and refers us to their friends and family, and as this is the source of over half of our clients, we think we’re doing a pretty good job of it. 

We know you need to trust the tradespeople coming onto your property. We show you that you can trust us by being:


Putting our clients first means we will put their needs above everything else. We recognise the effort and emotion that you experience when asking tradespeople into your home. As the experts, we have a network of people we can refer you to that help your project run more smoothly. We create loyalty in our clients by treating them like family. 


We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations in all aspects of our work. We use repeatable, transparent processes that help us provide exceptional services. Exceeding your expectations starts with how we communicate, how we show up to work and the respect with which we treat your property. We also acknowledge that our skills and the way we work is exceptional. 


We are the experts and our clients often come to us feeling overwhelmed by what they need to get done. We show you can trust us by being clear about what we do, how we can help you, and why we work this way. We communicate clearly, we speak clearly and we make sure you’re clear on all steps of the project. And we go out of our way to make sure you are clear. 

If you trust your electrician you can feel proud of your home and workplace and enjoy feeling comfortable and safe. 

At The Conduction Company we pride ourselves on completing jobs to the highest standard. 

We back our workmanship with a guarantee for the life of the installation

Choose Qualified Professionals

  • EWRB Registered and Licensed Electricians
  • EWRB Registered and Licensed Inspectors
  • Qualified Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Dynamix Certified Structured Cabling Installers
  • RLNZ Approved Refrigerant Fillers
  • Certified Air Conditioning Installers and Service People
  • Accredited Ventilation Installers
  • Site Safe Certified Health and Safety
  • Master Electrician

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With our clear processes and communications, you can head off to work and let us take care of everything. Even the clean-up.

Enjoy your comfortable, safe home or workplace

Make your home into a space which you can truly relax in, and your workplace a productive space you can be proud of

Quality Electrical Work

Finding an electrician you trust shouldn’t put you off getting essential electrical projects completed.

See properly, day or night, with lighting that looks great and illuminates your home and workspace

Experience the convenience of having sockets or light switches just where you need them

Lock up and leave knowing your property is safely protected by a security alarm system and CCTV cameras

Watch your favourite movies with cinema-quality audiovisual systems

Never get too hot or too cold with air-con and ventilation to fit your needs

Upgrade your workspace or home office with data access at all the right places